Monday, September 4, 2017

Soul Searching in the Garden of the Morning Calm

Hello ladies!!!

As you may have observed I have nothing bad only good words for my favored country, South Korea.  My passion for their culture, dramas, music, fashion and crafts makes me wanna keep going back.

For today's post, I'll be sharing again my raves and thoughts on the last stop of our day-two tour, the Garden of the Morning Calm.

The garden was built by Professor Han Sang-kyung, whose dream was that it would become internationally famous and spread the awareness of Korean natural beauty. It is a beautiful garden spreading all around you, verdant and exploding with color, birds chirp in the trees, and every fragrant blossom shines during spring; foliage in the fall; and a light festival in the winter.

The arboretum contains 13 theme-based gardens. The Korea Garden features jar stands and greenery that create a comfortable backyard feel. The Wildflower Garden has a collection of Korean wildflowers, while the Bunjae Garden has plants formed into works of topiary art. Perhaps most popular is the Hagyeong Garden, notable for the observation tower from which you can view the entire arboretum. The grassy Morning Square at the center of the arboretum is a great place to sit and take in the view. In the Moonlight Garden (shaped like the Korean peninsula!), there is also a cute little church, and food and drinks are available in several locations.

The Garden of Morning Calm may be most beautiful from April to May when the flowers bloom, but it is also stunning in the autumn when the colorful deciduous leaves stand out against the elegant rocks and gardens which surround them.

From early December until the end of February the garden graces its plants and trees with more than one million colorful light bulbs as part of its annual light festival.

We arrived at the garden already late so we were not able to witness the lighting. We only explored few parts because it was really really cold and snowing. If you noticed on my post the weather really bothered us. Don't get me wrong, I love winter and snow but my body is not yet used to the freezing temperature lol.

Indeed all plants, trees and shrubs were intricately accentuated with pretty lights that every part just glistened like diamonds and gold.

Pictures don't honestly give justice to how mesmerizing this place is. Everyone... all tourists are really in awe and are all excited to take their memories.

I have been dreaming of setting my foot in this beautiful country and sceneries like these make me wonder if everything is for real hahaha.

And as I walk this vast garden with friends, I can't help but to take  advantage to think and find time to sort the things goin on inside my head. Yes, indeed this place is great for finding yourself... now I understand why they named it the garden of the morning calm.

The beauty is a picture of serenity and positivity. It makes you forget whatever baggage that is weighing inside of you and I'm so glad we added this in our itenerary.

It is snowy and really cold... my first time to see one. Please forgive the series of shameless pictures. My playfulness kicked in when I saw the pretty snow. My son could have been in cloud nine if he came with me. 

So there goes our evening... I'm going back soon with family... save save save lol.  See you again lovely South Korea!

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