Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wandering in Bukchon Hanok Village

The Bukchon Hanok Village located in the northern part of Jongro and Cheonggyecheon area is a traditional-Hanok-house-dense area where the old world taste of Korean tradition can be experienced.  It is actually a residential place so tourists are not allowed to make too much noice or take photos excessively.

Following through the stone pathway are arrays of well-maintained traditional houses majestically boasting their rich heritage. How I wish I live in one of these houses, especially Sanggojae, hahaha the house of Gae In in Perfect Match. 
Lemme share a story behind the picture below... we have been walking through countless alleys and takin photos when we reached the part of what I thought was the end of the village. My feet were hurting so bad because we have been walkin since morning at the palace (our Bukchon tour was after our Gyeongbokgung moment).  I needed to sit down for a while and then I saw this gate and the steps were quite inviting and familiar so I gave in and rest. On the other hand Steph decided to take our memory pictures here since it was not so crowded without us knowing that it was the Sanggojae.


Minho oppa was actually here hahaha. If only I was aware at that time, I could have asked my friends to re-create this pic lol.

That was me enjoying Gae In's house hahaha. Finally, I get to sit at the doorsteps of my dream house!!!

Another equally homey hanok within the village.  I am delighted that traditional houses are still well preserved despite being situated in the heart of Central Seoul.

And so there goes my day and I will end this post with another candid photo with the ladies hehehe.


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