Friday, December 23, 2016

Night in Namsan

" The N Seoul Tower (
Hangul: Nμ„œμšΈνƒ€μ›Œ), officially the YTN Seoul Tower[1] and commonly known as the Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower, is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. At 236m, it marks the highest point in Seoul.[2]

Built in 1971, the N Seoul Tower is Korea's first general radio wave tower, providing TV and radio broadcasting in Seoul.[3] Currently, the tower broadcasts signals for Korean media outlets, such as 
KBSMBC and SBS." (Wikipedia)

So to start with hahaha... our first day tour ended at the iconic Namsan Tower. (Bonus: It is actually walking distance from our hotel.)

This place is a favorite backdrop among some epic kdramas. To name some of my favorites, it is where Goo Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di of Boys Over flowers had their first bitterly cold date together which ended in a sweet moment at the cable car.

Doo Min Jun and  Cheon Song Yi of My love from another star had their own version of romantic date in Namsan as well.

And lastly, it is where Joon-jae and Chung of Legend of the Blue Sea should  meet to catch the first snow of Seoul.

Oh wells,  the three mentioned are only some of the many dramas filmed here.  They are my biases hehehe.

Let's go!!!
After paying our tickets, we rode the Namsan Cable Car up the Mt. Namsan and we headed first to the roof terrace of second level where the "Locks of Love" can be found. BTW while riding the cable car, we had a stunning view of Seoul at night time although the car is crowded and dark (reason for no pictures inside and while on the line).

Thousands of locks are place here by people inlove or hoping to stay inlove... this place reminded me that many people still hope for forever.

And ofcourse, I'm no exemption!!! I brought my own love locks and found a perfect spot to hook it up. Looking at these, I feel so grateful for all the love I have been receiving despite  the past. So with all my heart I hope these locks will hold to their promise to keep them tight hihihi.

Last memory photo at the Lock of Love Roof Terrace... Hey girl that smile looks great on you!!! Keep it up!!!

After our lovey dovey moments, we headed to the observatory where a 360 degrees panoramic view of the entire city is at a glance.

Honestly, the view makes you forget the daily rush of the metropolitan for a while. The radiant view of Seoul is really soothing and dreamy especially at night.

Hehehe I got another excited photo moment... exactly the look of someone on top of the world lol.

OOTD hahaha feelingera (beanie: adidas, jacket: baleno with faux fur collar, faux fur sweater:  H&M, leggings: H&M, sneakers: Nike Airmax90 2015, gloves: Daiso, muffler: Baguio-made)

It was an exhausting day but definitely one hell of an experience. Not bad for our day one ayt?

See you on day two!!! Annyeong!!!

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