Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My first day in "Infinitely Yours Seoul"

I have always been obssessed in the country, South Korea eversince I started watching romcom and drama koreanovelas. Their tv shows showcase beautiful spots and it has always been a dream of mine to see it first hand.

Finally, that day came after years of planning!!!

To start with, it was a 4-hour trip from Manila to Incheon. Like a kid, I was so excited I didn't even sleep hahaha.  The airport is very busy with tourists flocking from different countries but I am so impressed by how systematic it is.

I really can't keep myself from taking selfies lol. (Pls I have to do a bit of editing so I'd look human hahaha - almost 12 hours of no sleep from Ilocos to Manila then another 4 hours to Incheon).

The weather is really chilly, like everyday is  almost below zero degrees but I JUST LOVE IT!!! Yes, coming from the very humid tropical country, the weather is something that excites me.

We stayed at the Namsan Guesthouse 2, a backpackers' lounge that is pocket-friendly.  Amenities are good and clean and it has complete pantry shared by guests.  Aside from that, the location is very convenient -- walking distance to famous sites like the Namsan tower, Meongdong shopping street, the subway and Seoul downtown to name a few.

Right after we settled our things in the hotel, we had our first beer and chicken in the nearby Two Two Chicken hahaha. Grabbed another selfie while we walk the cold dark street. (Btw I travelled with officemates: Steph, Maan and Leah.)

This pic was taken on my first morning on Seoul (please excuse me on my no-ligo-and-sweatpants look). Among us 4, I was assigned to shower first that is why I was already up by almost 4 am everyday. 

So there goes my first day. Naaaahhhh just blabbing my kilig on this trip (will have to do separate posts on our adventure). 


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