Sunday, July 10, 2016

Review: Laneige Multi Cleanser

Hello Sunday!!!

My love for korean skin care never fizzled.  I may have started goin back to some western brands but anything from Korea still tops my list.

So today, while I am takin a breath after my housekeeping duties, lemme share something I got for free... yes My Laneige Multi Cleanser. This is now my second tube and I am most happy to share my raves!!!

Laneige Multi Cleanser

This is a dermatologist tested 4-in-1 micro beaded multi cleanser formulated with papain enzymes to effectively remove make up and sunscreen, to gently exfoliate dead skin and to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Availability: all Laneige counters and outlets

Price: PhP1250.00

How to use:
This cleanser is safe to use everyday at mornings and night time.

Just wet your face and massage a coin-amount of the product allowing to melt and remove make up and dirt for a clearer and brighter skin.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:

- It comes in a squeeze-it-upside-down tube.  I like this kind of containers because I can actually cut them in half to finish everything off. Lol.
- It effortlessly removes make up even the stubborn water-based mascaras and eyeliners without me having to separately use cleansing oils or make up removers. I am just so lazy sometimes that I wash up directly.
- It removes oil without dryin my skin too much.
- The beads are just soooo tiny,  it is safe to exfoliate daily makin the skin looks brighter with continuous use.
- The tiny beads also unclogs the pores from the primers, bb creams etc. that I put on my face daily.
- It is refreshing and it smells good.
- It does not break my skin out.
- it is suitable for all skin types.

-  It is quite expensive for a facial wash at PhP1250.00 but Laneige is a luxury line from South Korea that's why.

Overall I love it and I recommend this if you are willing to splurge on facial wash hehehe.

That's all for today ladies. Have a happy Sunday mwahhhhh!!!

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