Sunday, April 10, 2016

Haul: Daiso Japan

Good morning ladies!

It has been a while since I posted someyhing beauty related here and I kind of miss it. Life has been pretty stressful and I have been strugglin... I know you have noticed, I barely dropped something worthwhile in the past years (puro #hugot lol).

So today, I am cheery to share my first ever Daiso (Saizen) haul. Well, I have been reading posts about this Japan shop but it is only now that I was able to try it. You know, I live in the northern Philippines and we depend mostly on online shopping and what is only within our reach ( no big malls yet).

Tadaaaaa... call me PROMDI (true naman lol) but I find this shop a haven for everything is soooo budget friendly, prices range from PhP88.00 and up. I haven't seen any stuff that is above PhP500.00.

So to get a glimpse of my purchases... let's go (hihihi everthin is PhP88.)

I got a bag of dual-purpose puff for liquid or powder foundation. (12 pieces of puffsfor Php88.00)

150 ml of Brush Cleaner (Php88.00)

Eye brow pencil in brown. (Php88.00)

Eye brow gel in clear ( Php88.00)

Lip stick treatment in Menthol (Php88.00)

80g collagen hand cream (Php88.00)

And lastly Kei (happy) Eau de Toilette100ml (Php88.00)

I'll be back today to pick up some more stuff and I hope to share mini reviews soon.

Have nice day ladies.

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