Thursday, April 21, 2016

Review: Daiso Japan Make up Brush Cleaner

Good morning!!!

Thursday is always my love because it is my most awaited rest day and I usually spend it with people who make me happy!!! And before I start with my LIFE lol lemme share something that I found at Daiso, yep their very affordable make up cleaner.

I usually deep cleanse my make up brushes the traditional way with water and antibacterial facial wash or antibacterial liquid hand soap and sometimes quick cleanse it with the brush spray. So when I saw this bottle, I grabbed myself one with no hesitation. Anyway it is only Php88.00 for every 150 ml (not bad ayt?).

There's the back part...this one is made in Korea for Daiso Japan. You can find the description, instructions, contents and other pertinent details in both Jap and English.

Now just wanna share how my quick deep cleansing went (it was indeed as easy as 1 to 3 lol). Just dip, swirl and rinse!

So here are my most loved brushes (Mac, Elf, Ecotools) I have for years...not so much ayt??? Yep coz good brushes cost a lot so I try to take care of them.

Here are my concealer / liquid foundie brushes.... they badly need an overhaul lol.

The bigger ones...for buffing, concealing, blending etc.

And the tinier ones...for the eyes and blushes hehehe.

So first step, get a container and pour the desired amount of the solution. I prefer using the disposable cup for safety. I can simply throw it away after use (or recycle).

Then dip the brushes by batch... you can do it separately. Swirl them a bit, you can immediately notice the residues coming off once they get in contact with the solution. This will only take 3-5 minutes then wash them with running water.  Well, for the brushes used for liquid foundies and bb creams, you'll have to let it set in the solution longer coz they don't come off that easy.

When the solution becomes turbid from all the dirt , dispose and add the mixture for the next set.

Tadaaaa after thoroughly cleaning them with water, airdry your babies and I like doing this to them hahaha.

For the brushes with thicker or fuller handles, I usually lay them flat like this in a disposable container again and make sure the hair area hang out for them to air dry nicely.

Indeed this cleanser made it faster and easier for me. My only concern pro'lly is that I consumed the whole 150 ml with my minimal brush collection. So if you have an enormous set, you'll be needing more of the solution and they don't come in bigger bottles.

So there goes my say on this one...

Enjoy the rest of your day ladies!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Haul: Daiso Japan Part 2

Hi ladies!

How's your week? So far, mine is pretty awesome. Got to breathe and spend it with love ones and friends.

As mentioned on my previous post, I went back at Daiso / Saizen to hoard more stuff (love everything affordable and safe)!

And I just want to share the things I grabbed... sorry I could no longer post the Japanese snacks that I got (consumed hahaha).

Lol... I hope Daiso considers putting up a branch in the Ilocos region.

Honestly, here are only a few of their super cool and pocket friendly stuff and I can't wait to try each when I get the chance to check the store again (in my next travel).

BB cream in Beige for Php88.00 hehehe (goodluck to me)

Eyeliner in black for Php88.00

Bought another (more) of these necessities for the eyebrows (both Php88.00 each).

Saizen Whitening Lotion with collagen 1000 ml for Php88.00

Antibacterial hand soap in Cherry blossoms at Php88.00 only! (Yes 1000ml)

Cotton swabs hahaha (Php88.00)

Another set of sponges for only Php88.00

Stilettos clear / transparent strap for Php88.00 each

And lastly a kawaii envelope organizer for receipts and other important documents (also Php88.00).

So these are my supplies till my next Daiso trip.

Have a blessed Sunday to all. Mwahhhh

Haul: Daiso Japan

Good morning ladies!

It has been a while since I posted someyhing beauty related here and I kind of miss it. Life has been pretty stressful and I have been strugglin... I know you have noticed, I barely dropped something worthwhile in the past years (puro #hugot lol).

So today, I am cheery to share my first ever Daiso (Saizen) haul. Well, I have been reading posts about this Japan shop but it is only now that I was able to try it. You know, I live in the northern Philippines and we depend mostly on online shopping and what is only within our reach ( no big malls yet).

Tadaaaaa... call me PROMDI (true naman lol) but I find this shop a haven for everything is soooo budget friendly, prices range from PhP88.00 and up. I haven't seen any stuff that is above PhP500.00.

So to get a glimpse of my purchases... let's go (hihihi everthin is PhP88.)

I got a bag of dual-purpose puff for liquid or powder foundation. (12 pieces of puffsfor Php88.00)

150 ml of Brush Cleaner (Php88.00)

Eye brow pencil in brown. (Php88.00)

Eye brow gel in clear ( Php88.00)

Lip stick treatment in Menthol (Php88.00)

80g collagen hand cream (Php88.00)

And lastly Kei (happy) Eau de Toilette100ml (Php88.00)

I'll be back today to pick up some more stuff and I hope to share mini reviews soon.

Have nice day ladies.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

All is fair

I was dazed and confused, inlove and broken, loved and hated, used and needed... but I do believe that when a person reaches the limit, that will be the end of it. After a million times of thinking I finally found the courage to let go and accept things that are not meant to be mine and continue to live the life I deserve, dream enormous future for my son, and maybe someday love again.
Maturity I guess is being selfless... prioritizing the happiness of the people you love over yours...

Your tatintot signing off...