Thursday, December 17, 2015

Thank you 2015!!!

They say that the past is long gone and it is indeed true, the present is what we have now and whoever is on our side and whatever is our actions now will determine the future.

Now that all baggage-s are resolved I am now ready to face what life is willing to offer ahead. 

I had been courageous enough to eat whatever pride I have and I have done my part.  I am finally happy to forgive myself and all the people who have wronged me and start focusing on the people that will be constant to me, my son, my parents and my sister's family.  This year have been tough but it was worth it for I gained lessons that made me into who I am today. 

I made a list of the people who have been significant to my growth.

To  the person who viewed me as a "nobody" but a beauty, my middle finger to you and f$ck your face.  You may have the brains that can give you the world but walk your talk on morality. You don't deserve every part of me, not even my respect...but I still forgive you and thank you too coz you taught me to be tougher than you have imagined.

To the person who took me for granted, but had the courage to ask for my forgiveness genuinely... I also forgive you. I can not wish you much but thank you too for making me see that I deserve the best.

To my family, indeed at your worst, they are the people who accept you unconditionally and their warmth makes life easier and worth-living.

To a few good friends, I wouldn't have made it through if not for your constant reminders and words of encouragement. Thank you so much.

To my son, thank you for displaying a great strength amidst the chaos that we have been putting you through. And I wish that bitterness  will not eat out your sweetness my love. Just remember though, the things that mama keep on reminding you not to take after the wrong steps of someone that you look up to.

And to God, thank you for the grace. I may not understand your way of showing me things but now I do get it. Your goodness to a sinner like me is so much to be grateful for and your love to an oppressed like me is so miraculously big.

Indeed life is crazy and bumpy and the right people on my side made it extra easy. Thank you life!!! And I am blissful to say goodbye to people undeserving to have a piece of me and hello to a few people who stood by me!

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