Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hey there December!

It's the first of December again, the chilly wind makes it sooo painfully nostalgic, the dewy morning makes me miss to cuddle and the Christmas air makes me sweetly desperate. Oh wells, I can't help it coz it is a month that will always be special to me.

I just love the Christmas air! It makes me go back to the memories that I most cherish. The once days filled with love will forever be remembered and will always  tint my lips with the sweetest smile!

Today, I welcomed it with a clear head and a light heart...I feel grateful and good I wanna keep this way!

Hihihi my mood deserves some shameless selfies again lol.

Aside from those, my skin starts to clear as well (thankfully I discovered Dr. Alvin).

I hope that I'll have to keep this smile the whole month though hahaha.

Lemme sign off then with the usual "Hey December please be subtle!"

Good night! ;)

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