Thursday, October 1, 2015

Swatches / Review: Party Eyes by Clinique

Hello ladies!

Few more months to go and it will be the holidays again which means lots and lots of events and partying!

So today, I will share something that has been sitting for quite sometime on my stash. Again, people who visit my site and those who know me are aware that I am not an eye make up girl. I kind of skip it mostly because my eyes are huge and I am so lazy to perk them up lol. However, I doll them up on certain events or during the holidays hehehe.

For today, I am just goin to share swatches and short review of my Party Eyes by Clinique.

Honestly, this brand was the first one I came to know when I started wearing make ups (my granny actually sends me a lot way back from skin care to I miss her a lot).

Product Overview

This palette is specially chosen by Clinique's Global Colour Artist, Jenna Menard to give an expert look this holiday season.

So let us see what's inside and play a bit this morning.

This set contains:

All About Shadow Palette
- Made in USA
- Total POIDS Net Wt 0.36 oz. / 10.4 g

- All About Shadow Soft Shimmer - two shades from Jenna's Essentials Quad, shade from Going Steady Quad, Deep Dive
- All about Shadow Super Shimmer - shade from Strawberry Fudge Duo, shade from Galaxy Quad, shade from Blackberry Frost Duo, Silver Lining

- Note: Shades not available in all markets.

Swatches / Shades

The palette is really pretty to play with and gives a variety of look ranging from a dainty lass to a fierce vixen this holidays hehehe.

I have labelled the shades according to what line they are offered... if you want to get them individually. The shades may not be available in all markets though.
Reference (AAS - All About Shadow Soft Shimmer, AASS - All About Shadow Super Shimmer)

1. From Jenna's Essential Quad (AAS)
2. From Strawberry Fudge Duo (AASS)
3. From Galaxy Quad Duo (AASS)
4. From Blackberry Frost Duo (AASS)
5. From Jenna's Essentials Quad (AAS)
6. From Going Steady Quad (AAS)
7. Silver Lining (AASS)
8. Deep Dive (AAS)

The shades are really pretty and softly pigmented. They look so nice  and clean when blended. One thing I love is that they don't fall off and leave tinges during application plus when they set along with my oily lids, they hug them well bringing out the lovely colors. You know, some eye shadows cake off when your eyelids oil up right?

Cream Shaper for Eyes
- Made in Germany
- Black Diamond, limited edition Purple Crush
- POIDS Net Wt. 0.02 oz. / 0.8 g. Each x 2

Parties mean you need to have huge sultry eyes and ofcourse eye liners are the basics to make them wide, soulful and  seriously awake.

Swatches and Shades

101 Black Diamond
20 Purple Crush

The Cream Shaper for Eyes are vivid eyeliners that you can smudge to give you that sexy smokey eyes you need on evenings or just a simple tight line on day time. Since these are creamy type they really glide well on skin on a single swipe.

High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara
- Extreme Black
- Made in Canada
- POIDS Net Wt. 0.4 oz. / 10.4 g.

This mascara definitely gives an instant volume and extra life to your eyes. It is smudge-proof and does not clamp the eye lashes. It lasts long and well you have your sexy flirty lashes all night :).

Dual- Ended Contour Brush / Sponge Applicator
Definer Brush
- Made in China

The brushes that come with the palette are sturdy and high-grade. And they do function well. The sponges are soft and particles of the foam do not come off plus the hair of the definer do not fall off as well.

This palette is indeed lovable. Everything is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

For novices in the eye make up category like me, this comes with a very helpful manual with ideas on how you could play with colors and textures to get your eyes party-awesome-ready!

So there are four options you can work with!

1. Shimmering Taupe - for a combination of cool and warm eyes...which is actually my favorite.
2. Blueberry Crush - for a stand-out well- lined eyes
3. Go Two-Toned - for a bold and vibrant eyes
4. Drama and Depth - the reversed smokey eye look

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:

I maybe lazy doing my eyes most of the time hehehe but this palette makes it so easy to doll them up especially on occassions that I need to be fully made up. And since I am not equipped with eye make up techniques, the manual that comes with it is very very helpful plus everything I need to get them beautifully done is hand-picked by Clinique's top make up artist.

A beautiful soul can be seen through those beautiful big brown eyes. So next, time someone peeks at my soul I might as well be prepared and have my eyes on their best!

Enjoy the rest of your day ladies mwah!!!

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