Sunday, October 4, 2015

Swatches / Review: Mac Smokey Eye Kit by Julie Verhoeven (Black)

Good morning!

Today, I'll drop something long overdue. Yep, it has been with me for a while and I know I'm so late but I just wanna share how favored this is.

I got the complete collection and I have already consumed most of them but they deserve some praises. Who knows Mac will make another collab to re-release the same or a revamped version of it. Or if you wanna buy the shades separately coz I think they got them in separate pots.

Product Overview

Mac Illustrated by Julie Verhoeven Collection is a limited edition collab exclusively with Nordstrom for their annual anniversary sale.

They released a range of Lip Sets, All Over Brush Sets, Face Canvass Brush kits and Eyekit palettes which I'll be sharing today.

So, I got the Smokey Black Eyekit and it contains the following:

3 Eye shadows
- Naked Lunch, Wedge, Carbon
- Net Wt. 1.5 g. / 0.05 US oz. each
- Made in Canada

I just love these shades, indeed Mac excels in  the eyeshadow department hehehe.  These are very basic and must have coz you can create looks for both dayband night time.

The Naked Lunch has a frost finish that gives an iridescent shine and adds highlight. I say this gives a subtle sheen and does not emphasize the creases of the eyelids. (I really don't like frosts that are almost too metallic that floats or cakes up when your eyelids get oily) This one hugs the skin well when blended.

The Wedge on the other hand, belongs to the matte section with a dry formula. But, it is not chalky or patchy even if I don't base my eyelids.

The Carbon is likewise matte in really vivid black that is not also powdery as the previous one.

The three shades are all easy to work with and they are staple colors for ladies like me who wants subtle to screaming eye make ups. All of them cling naturally to your skin and colors pop out beautifully when they set.

1 Technakohl Liner Graphblack
- Total Net Wt. 0.35 g. / 0.012 US oz.
- Made in Germany

This one comes in a mechanical- pencil style liner which means sharpening is no longer needed, you just twist it up if you wanna get more of the product. It is creamy and soft that provides a really intense black color. It is transfer resistant, long-wearing upto 8 hours, smudge-resistant, safe for waterline, non-acnegenic, opthalmologist-tested and safe for contact lenses wearers.

1 Zoomlash Mascara - Zoom Black
- Total Net Wt. 4 g. / 0.14 US oz.
- Made in Canada

It gives a rich dramatic black color in velvety wet formula that instantly provides volume and a remarkable length and curl to your eyelashes. It is flake and smudge proof, dries up quickly, does not clamp the lashes, optalmologist tested and safe for the eyes.

It has an ultra-sculpted brush with three-sided fibers to make application precise thus efficiently coating the hair individually without making them stick with one another.

2 brushes
- Made in China

212SE Flat Definer Brush for lining and defining the eye with color.

275 SE Medium Angled Shading Brush for applying, contouring and blending eye shadow.

These Mac brushes are sold at $25.00 individually so it is a steal to get them in an eye kit for $49.50.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:

I so love this versatile palette coz I can wear them both day and night. I can like have a light natural / neutral eyes when I am not so lazy or a fierce smokey eyes when I am up for a good time.

So that's it for this morning... have a blessed Sunday ladies!

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