Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sunday and a DIY Graphic Cross Tee

Hello ladies!

Today is just fun and I just want to share something that I accidentally saw over the net while I'm basically just's a DIY way to pimp old shirts lol.

I have a few of plain white tees and paints, I decided to give those easy online tutorials a try to create something trendy. And since I love streetwear-kinda-grunge fashion I went for a graphic cross t-shirt, Forever 21 inspired design lol. Fyi, I love wearing anything with a cross on it eversince lol.

Materials we need:

An old plain white cotton t-shirt, I got this months months back from an Indian bazaar here in the province for Php100 plus I guess.

Tulco Classic Textile Ink. It's a high quality water-based material for textiles. It's non-toxic, environment-friendly and really affordable for only Php65.00. This is actually for printing shirts with a mesh screen but I used a paint brush instead.

I like using this kind of brush coz it's pocket friendly. I just throw them away after several use. Sorry, cleaning brushes are really tedious that's why I only buy the most affordable offered in the market.

We also need scissors and manila paper for our stencil. You may use coupon bond or duct tapes instead.

Just put your stencil on the desired area and secure it with a tape so it won't move and leaks will be avoided. Then start  painting in one direction.

As you can see, I didn't secure my stencil well since I don't have tapes.  Please don't push it, this will cause errors and unpretty paint overflows on the edges.

Don't forget to put a layer of manila paper in between the sheet to avoid staining the other side of your shirt. Then let it dry before removing the pattern.

Tadaaaa, it doesn't need to be perfect so that it will look grunge-y and worn-out (palusot) hahaha. Iron the top or the design but put something on top of it (used manila paper again). This will like treat the paint, like stamping it permanently on the textile. Then cut the neck line and sleeves to make it more chic.

And yes I got my old shirt turned into funky streetwear now, who would have guessed I hand painted it hahaha.

Casually sexy for a hot coffee on  Sunday afternoon hahaha (forgive me).

Shirt: Tatin's Creation (Graphic Cross Tee)
Shorts: High waste from Greenhills tiange
Accessories: double-side stud earrings in pitch black, Casio Eminem G-shock
Bag: Converse red sling bag
Sandals: Birkenstock Arizona

I love Sundays! A day I can be myself, do things I love, unwind and relax a bit, laugh and drink coffee, go to the arcade (yes with my baby), say my prayers and be grateful. Life is simple and I love it that way!

That's it for this evening. Mwahhh!!!

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