Friday, October 30, 2015

Spooky Tot!

One day more to go and we are goin to say bye bye to October (indeed time flies soooo fast). Previous days of this month had been too much for me and I am really goin crazy... Huhuhu (moments when lots and lots of strength are badly needed). Indeed it had been pretty stressful in all aspects of my life - no exemption. Just when people start drifting apart...with all the unanswered issues and denied facts, deliberately wasted couple of times, my skin is terrible, the company is goin crazy with all the changes... Toxic just toxic!!! 

Though I am havin a hard time holding myself together, I am still grateful for my courage to smile everything away. And you know sometimes, when you're feeling super low; sweet kisses, quick light smacks, warm hugs and a few minutes are all we need for the day.

And despite the demons I have inside, I still managed to drag my butt to work and join the pre-halloween this morning.

Took some couple of mirror-fies... Nothing fancy, just a plain black top from Abercrombie and a schoolgirl skirt I thrifted years ago.

I just groomed my brows and tinted my lips with red coz I can't apply make up due to the terrible skin peeling argghhhh.

So enjoy your halloween too guys... Mwahhhh.

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