Thursday, October 1, 2015

Brief selfie phone comparison: Sony Xperia C4 vs Lenovo Sisley S90

Wake me up when September ends... as the popular song goes lol. Indeed time flies so fast, and yes it's hello October!

Yesterday, the office was on fire since everyone was cramming to reach their targets which meant more sales, more work for me lol.

And of course despite the chaos I sneaked in my selfie moment.

Yep, it is actually a raw selfie coz I unboxed a friend's new phone, the Sony Xperia C4. It's a middle class phone and budget friendly with really competitive specs. I just love it lol. No wonder it is included in the top 7 best selfie phones for 2015.

I haven't edited or switched to the beauty camera that auto filters everythin. I just love it raw, yep you can see all the details and my eyebags lol. Thankfully my skin is lookin flawless and radiant!

A special shout out to my Diorskin Star Studio Make Up for makin my skin selfie ready lol... looks like I 360'd it hahaha.

That was taken with my terrible Lenovo Sisley S90 8 mega pixel front cam compared to SE C4 5 mega pixel front cam hahaha awwww awful comparison ayt?! Just bad!

Although the pic taken with the C4 is closer you can still see the big difference of the output. S90'S pic details are blurry and grainy despite the higher mega pix. I am not really satisfied with my Lenovo hahaha and I think this will retire soon.

Signing off with the very cliche, October please be good to us! Mwahhhh

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