Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Me

Hello ladies!

I have always kept my hair long (as in up to my waist) and this morning, I wanted to try something crazy!  Well, I have been planning to cut it months months back but I was not 100% prepared to venture into the unknown lol.

I really don't know what the heck happened, I woke up determined and with no second thoughts, I went to the salon and have the half chopped off for good first thing today (more than half I guess lol).

Tadaaaa!!! Letting go of my oh-sooo-long locks is liberating. It actually felt physically light and emotionally good!!!

Sayonara to my Batosai hairstyle (my son's term for my long hair) and hello to my short-hair-don't-care do!

And ofcourse, a milestone is never complete without selfies!!! Feeling Tey Tey!!!

Bye! Aja aja fighting!


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