Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Memoirs: Laughter for keeps

Good morning restday!

Yep, gonna be month end soon, so I'm havin my early off and I'm takin advantage of it by just cozy-ing at home plus my skin is on the fourth day of "rejuv treatment", and I am embarrassed to go out with all the redness and peeling.

Today, while I am browsing my sns, I am all smiles to see memories way back so I decided to kick off these " memoirs" section  to record some of my crazy days.

Starting with four years ago, taken at a hotel lobby (forgot na) before a seminar / convention. When people belong to a same group and haven't drifted apart (the once powerful customer care department).

After the convention (ngaragers), we went to have a coffee at Roxas Blvrd... 7 peeps inside a cab and no cash to pay the coffee (cc machine not workin and atm booth is out of reach). Just sooo hilarious!

After or usually before the seminar, these are the times when we would shop till we drop!

Me, shopping like mad for anything korean!!! I never miss a trip to The Faceshop and Etude House then.

And ofcourse, the epic Black Eyed Peas reunion concert!  I bailed out last minute (for a flick with college friends)  hahaha... Good thing though before seeing the movie we dropped by at the media's lounge and I saw Fergie in sparkly pink singing upclose lol!

And ofcourse, how can I ever forget the nerve-wracking travel back to the province. I was sooooo late and almost didn't catch my flight! Lol

So before I say anneong,

Wanna share this Ponds ad that I love..."celebrate your expressions".

"Cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
Use your anger for good, it can be a powerful force.
Be generous with your praise, it makes even the small things matter.
Laugh loudly, argue definitely, celebrate the moment, every expression has the power to make the world a more beautiful place. Express yourself and add your beauty to the world!"

So those were the memoirs of...


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