Monday, October 26, 2015


Hello ladies!

Usually at this time of the year, my skin tends to break. I dunno maybe stress and turmoil make my hormones rage.  Well, almost 3 years ago same chaos had plagued the office which caused me sleepless and stressful nights.

I am sooo anxious again with the change that is about to unfold and I am hoping it will be favorable to many this time.

Hmmm back to my crazy control it a bit, I tried the Dr. Alvin Rejuvinating set which is kind of popular here in the province, my third day now and my skin is really terrible with all the redness and heavy peeling... Tiis tiis lang.

Have to filter my selfie this time lol!!!  i just want to archive my dark short hair

Yep, I have to ask the stylist to dye it darker and I am pleased with the outcome.

And also, this Valentino studded flats dupe my bestie gave me is love!!! Just sharin... (Pantanggal stress)

Cheer up Tatin, good things are yet to come! Be excited and worry not...

Can't wait! November 4 it is! Fighting!

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