Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Zalora: My shopping experience!

Hi guys!!!

I know you're familiar with Zalora coz it's been poppin from your facebook feeds and really visible in most social networking platforms. I, for one who is living in this laid back province where shopping options are limited, love the idea of being able to buy things at the convenience of my mobile phone.

Since I was lookin for an affordable bag of good brand, I tried checking the site and yes I found what I have been lookin for with ease. Few clicks and that's it I got the bag safely at my place in 2days!

So here it is... tadahhhh!!!!

It is safely tucked in a sturdy box! Yep, it kept the item in its good shape.

Love love love

My CLN tan shopper's bag - not so formal and not so casual...just my taste!

So if you guys are lazy to go malling, you can download the Zalora at your Google Play Store or Apple Store for free and enjoy shopping at home. It is secured, easy and very convenient plus their customer service is superb!

Enjoy ladies!

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