Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Strawberry Fields

Some people never really understood and some even mocked why I keep this site goin. 

PREVIOUSLY, I just share my passion for Asian cosmetics and love for the hallyu wave.

However, as life takes over, I have to keep up with it. I feel the need to somewhat write my progress... how my day went.  It may be nonsense to a few but it is really big deal to me. So please just ignore it on your feeds if my posts are bothersome.

But to those who take their time to browse or read, big thanks and welcome to my crazy world! Mwaahhh!!!

Taken last Tuesday while I am smiling my heart out despite the battle goin on in my head... I guess my hormones are raging since Auntie Flow is soon to visit.
Days like these drive me insane and the people I interact with. I am guilty of unacceptable mood swings, out of this world food cravings, terrible headache and muscle pain arggghhhh (sooooo irate and uberly sensitive).

Again, I feel blessed for havin those people whose patience were irrevocable.

Btw I love this Yellowcab Strawberry Fields Icecream I tried today. It tastes sooo good and made my day!

For a few moment I forgot HOW STRESSFUL life at the office lately... dealing with a brand acquired by the company which BTW uses an uberly oldschool system (like older than the Terminator first part) and I am goin really nuts everyday (sorry it still has that green and black screen with a blinking cursor that is not even mouse friendly).

Oh my goodness!!! Lol

Gotta go now mwahhhh!

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