Saturday, September 12, 2015

Review: Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede (095 Finale)

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Last night, I went out to see a Tagalog flick and it inspired me to drop another red lippy review. The lead was so vavavoom in her red lips that complemented her white porcelain glowing skin so well. Indeed, red lipstick goes really great when you're fair!

Since I got another lippy as a present from my officemate who got back from her vacay, lemme share some of my views on the item.

Product Description

Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick is a line which aims to provide an all day moisturized lips with its shea butter and aloe content,  a one-step ultra comfortable long lasting, food proof lipstick and suede-smooth finish in a wide range of 20 rich colors.

Net weight: 0.09 oz. / 2.55 g.
Price: Usd10.49 (but I guess it has marked down already)
Availability: make up counters and online sites

- the usual bullet-stick type that you can twist it up or down if you want more of the product
- it comes in a clear plastic container that locks nicely, just be mindful not to drop it coz the material used easily breaks

The tag / seal contains the details that might be helpful.

Back to back with the content.

Color / Shade - 095 (finale)

As for the shade, it is a lighter red but then you can double-coat if you want it richer and more vibrant.

As seen on my swatch below, the color I got is almost pink. The tint is not as what is expected of the line. I wear it in almost multi-coat until I am satisfied with the color of my lip.

It does give you the velvety finish but after it sets, it is so drying resulting to scaly chapped lips. To avoid making your pout look so parched, prep lips with your balm and have the balm dry up or set for a while to avoid the lipstick from sliding off. I suggest topping it with a gloss to keep the lips moist and healthy looking after it completely dried up.

As for the staying power, It's really disappointing (since this one is from the colorstay line) coz the color comes off (in flakes) when you stick your lips to any. Hehehe it is not actually food / water proof and it does not stay long unless you didn't do anythin that involves the mouth like drink or eat.

I love the rich color though after several applications.

That is a sad portrait of mine facing the window to get a bit of sunshine with the 095 Finale.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
To my friend, I am grateful. Your thoughtfulness made my day. Please don't get me wrong with this review (no offense and disrespect meant) okish?

- the color after several layers or coats

- you'll consume it faster than the usual since you have to apply a lot before you can get the coverage and color it promised
- it dries the pout too bad that the chappiness and scaliness is really visible
- it is not food proof as promised
- it comes off fast, in flakes!

So that's it for today!!! Mwahhhh

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