Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review: Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser

Good morning ladies!

Ilocos' humid weather is always welcoming.  I find it draining sometimes but kind of loving it these moments more than the gloomy dewy days.

Today, I will share something timeless, a product that has been favored by my family...from my granny to my aunt and mom. I've seen them use this and now it's my time to share why it has always been a part of our beauty regimen (wink).

Product Overview

Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser is the classic or old-fashion way of deep cleansing your face from dirt and make ups while keeping your skin clean, soft and glowing in an all in easy routine without stripping it's natural moisture.

This is not your usual cleanser or make up remover since it is made up of 50% moisturizer, mineral oil for effective removal of make up and beeswax to keep the skin's dewiness.

This is also essentially favorable because it does not clog the pores, it is dermatologist tested, it is hypoallergenic and also suitable for sensitive skin.

Net Weight: 6.1 oz / 172 g
Price: PhP200plus
Availability: this is available in all leading groceries, beauty counters and department stores nationwide.


It comes in a sturdy plastic big tub with a wide mouth which makes scooping out the cream in large amount easy. For those who travel a lot, it is not quite handy though coz it takes too much space but you can have it refilled in those tinier containers available at beauty bars since this does not come in a smaller size.

The back part also contains all the details you need like a brief description, how-to's and most importantly the contents or ingredients.

The cream is really thick and heavy, but once you scoop out and you apply it on your face, you can feel it melt along with the make up -- makin it super easy to remove including those stubborn waterproof or smudge proof eye make ups like mascaras and eye liners.  You just wipe it out gently and lightly with your wet cotton pad and you can see all the traces of dirt come off with it. It saves the skin from constant rubbing that causes premature wrinkles and sagging.

I admit stress, bad eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, abnormal sleeping patterns, pollution, and make ups are taking their toll on my skin and this product helps maintain its elasticity by not drying it out further.

I suggest to chill it, I love the cold feeling that keeps my skin also refreshed and relaxed while I am keeping it clean.

There are two ways to use it actually, you may prefer to wipe with a wet wash cloth or cotton pads after application and rinse if desired.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:

The simplicity of this product is much much loved. 

For ladies who have acne prone skin, you may consult your dermatologist first prior using and for those who have oily skin, you may find this really really greasy.

This will suit ladies who have normal to dry skin and those who are often exposed to pollution and those who wear make ups everyday.

So that's it for today! Enjoy! Mwahhhh....

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