Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: Diorskin Star Studio Makeup (020 Light Beige)

Hello ladies!

Those who make their time to visit this site and people who know me personally are aware that I am one of those who are not blessed with a clear skin. So most of my posts always include foundation and bb cream reviews.

Tonight, I will share my raves on this new baby that I have been using for a week now and so without any further segways here it is.

Product Overview

Diorskin Star by Dior (from Dior.Com)
- Studio Makeup
- Spectacular Brightening
- Weightless Perfection
- SPF 30 - PA ++

Diorskin star is the first brightening foundation formulated in a weightless fluid that instantly and long lastingly provides a seamless and photoshoot ready look recreating the illusion of the magnificent and lovely lighting of Dior Studios. This line is inspired by the illuminating techniques and expertise of its makeup artists.

Shades Available

010 - Ivory
011 - Creme
012 - Porcelain
013 - Dune
020 - Light Beige
021 - Linen
022 - Cameo
023 - Peach
030 - Medium Beige
031 - Sand
032 - Rosy Beige
033 - Amber Beige
040 - Honey Beige
050 - Dark Beige
060 - Mocha

Indeed this collection has a wide range of shades that are designed to suit ones skin tone perfectly.

Price: USD50.00
Net Weight: 30 ml / 1 fl oz
Availability: Beauty Counters and Online sites


Since this product is Dior, the make always exudes class in a deep dark blue glossy box with details nicely and precisely printed.

Again, I try to do a detailed recap of the packaging since counterfeits are very rampant in Asia these days.

That is the top part of the box with the shade.

The bottom part.

The barcode hehehe.

The brief description of the product.

The contents and expiration of the product upon opening.

The bottle is made up of high grade glass and chic sleek cover.

Take note that all logos are engraved in the lid and part of the bottle while all descriptions are prettily embossed.

It has a conventional and functional pump that dispenses the needed amount.

The best part of having it in a clear glass bottle is that you'll be able to track the product if it's running out and you want to repurchase before that. On the other hand, the downside is that you won't be able to drain every drop of it.

Yes, it has a manual in different languages too.


The foundation is in light and weightless fluid form that glides well thus blending is very effortless using your finger tips or brushes. I suggest the use of brushes during application for an even and light coverage. Fingers, tend to give a dense and thicker coverage.

As for the shade, mine is 020 in light beige. I am quite medium fair for a Pinay and this shade is just right for my pale skin with pink undertone. It does not give me the gray cast when it sets.

Yep, mostly Asians have the yellow undertone but some are exemptions to the rule and I am one of them hehehe.

Coverage and finish

As seen on my hand which I took inside my room during day time with the natural light coming from my window, the coverage is impressive giving a flawless bare effect.  I am much contented with the coverage since my skin is not so flawed but for ladies who needs more concealing, I think you can build it without givin you the thick look. What is so lovable is that your skin looks radiant but not dewy...matte but not dry. It is simply velvety. Aside from those, it hugs the skin like it is a second skin after it sets hahaha. I mean, you look make up free (just don't overdo it ).

As for the lasting effect, it does oil me up but blotting papers can address that concern. It lasts actually the whole day with the help of slight retouching to remove a bit of shine...not the kind of greasy shine though.

Lastly, this one has a fresh scent that I love, don't worry it gradually fades once the foundation sets.

My shameless selfies using the front cam of the lenovo S90 lol.

I just like my make up super light, enough to even out and hide my skin imperfections. On my pic above, I only used a Diorskin Star, kilay, red lippy, light blush and curled my hair. Sorry for my visible eye bags, been cryin a lot awwwts. I don't really wear too much eye make ups. I am so lazy hahaha. 

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:

I really love Dior and I love this one. Honestly, I have been selfie-ing a lot coz this one makes my skin looks like I filtered it plus I am skipping my sunblock since it has SPF30 with a PA of ++.

Bye bye flaws hello photo shoot ready skin!

And so that's it!!! Till next time, mwahhhh

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