Sunday, September 13, 2015

Review: Diorblush Glowing Color Powder Blush (829 Rose Dragee a Touch of Blush)

Along with my eyebrow make ups and lipsticks, blush ons are part of my daily staples. Yes, I can't go on with my day without adding a bit of color to my pale face. I kind of feel flat without it.

And so for this sunny morning, I wanna share one of my favorite blush on, DiorBlush - Glowing Color Powder Blush in 829.

Again, this is another present from my friend! Thank you so much! I feel instantly pretty-fied when using it! Mwahhhh

Product Overview

This blush on was launched by the design house of Christian Dior in luxury compact which aims to adorn the cheekbones in color and luminosity. It is Dior's first blush that combines a matte finish for a natural skin tone and a subtle sparkle for a healthy glow.

Net weight: 7.5 g / 0.26 oz
Price: USD42.00
Availability: I don't know if this line is still available in the market coz it's a limitted ed.

Shades Available:

There are wide options for this line:
533 - Peche
639 - Brun Canelle
829 - Rose Dragee
839 - Rose Vintage
849 - Terre de Sienne
889 - Pink in Love
939 - Bois de Rose
943 - Framboise


This comes in a really posh dark blue glossy box where all details you need about the product is printed.

On the otherhand, the compact is protected by a black velvety pouch.

The compact itself is so sleek with a traditional mirror and a blush brush. Everything about the packaging spells luxury. :)

-Photo not mine-
Since I have already consumed 80% of the prod, I borrowed this pic on Amazon just to show how pretty it was before I have already played with it.

Shade - 829 Rose Dragee and a touch of blush

This has two parts which are the blush and the highlighter.  Rose dragee is literally baby pink that gives the cheekbones a natural flush in a matte finish. It is so finely milled that does not leave fine tinges when you apply it. What so lovable about it is how it hugs the skin when it sets along with your foundie.

The other part is the shimmer in super subtle light pink that provides luminosity.

Yep, you can use the blush alone or mix it with the highlighter for an instant glowy cheeks.

I know my swatch does not give justice to how pretty it is. This shade is not overly pigmented though. If you want more color, you may opt for the darker ones available. This is really subtle and I simply love it.

As for tbe stayin power, since my skin is innately oily,  I re-apply / redo my blush on lunch breaks.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:
I am overwhelmed that my skin loves Dior, on the frustrating side...this brand is really pricey and I can't really afford it (coming from my own pocket lol). I am thankful though I was able to try. This one is highly recommended and money will be worth it though.

My shameless pic with my Diorblush.

- pretty pink in light shimmers instantly lit up your dull pale skin
- it does not cake up your foundation
- it hugs the skin when your make up sets
- it does not leave powdery tinges
- it gives the cheeks a natural fake flush (lol like the blood running up your cheeks when you see your crush)
- posh packaging

- pricey

So there goes my fair share! Have a happy Sunday ladies!!!


  1. Wow the packaging is so pretty! And I love the color of the blush <3

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