Thursday, September 17, 2015

Lazada: Online shopping gone so wrong!

Hello! I am havin my second thoughts if I am goin to share this major rant I have for Lazada. However, after another instance where in security is at stake, here I am sharing my uber disappointment.

Lookin back, my first Lazada experience was when I bought a shoerack.  I was really glad the transaction went quick and hassle-free. I Just logged in to their system, keyed in my personal details like name, shipping address, preferred mode of payment and contact number.

Then after few months from the time of my first purchase, I received an sms that says Lazada got my orders.  I was puzzled since I never ordered anything. So I decided to email them and have it checked.

As seen above, that was my complaint last August 25, 2015. Too bad I was not able to save the sms since my phone's memory was completely wiped out the last time. Good thing some conversations were done via email.

Please see email exchanges below...

The customer service and their fraud team were able to resolve the issue and I was glad it never caused too much inconvenience so I just let that experience pass.

Then sometime this week I received another sms from Lazada saying that an order was placed on my behalf. This time, I know this is not good coz my personal details which are supposed to be confidetial are being compromised.

I don't know what is wrong with their system or their database. Is it so easy to access and make it available to anyone??? I am not so happy about it (seriously? Second time).

Below are the messages I got and email exchanges.  What is so frustrating now is how they handled my second complaint.  I feel like a joy bidder (they have been addressing me as Alvin San Juan despite my emails) Wow? Their system is sooo messed up!

These are the messages I got plus a lot of phonecalls (to confirm the delivery) that really disturbed me during working hours.

Below are another series of emails...I really lost my patience.

As if nothing happened,  I got another delivery call this morning (Oh Jesus)! I have been helpful and cooperative (reporting a hack or a glitch) and yet they fail to address my concern. LAZADA team is more concerned on the cancelled items (which they insist) I didn't even make in the first place.

Second time is really unacceptable especially when same name keeps using my email, my postpaid number, shipping address etc etc. I FEEL THREATENED...I think they need to secure and protect their database. Confidential details were compromised and it is so unsafe to shop on their website.

I do hope they do something about it...

Wow terrible experience... I guess this is one of the down falls of online shopping, the company needs to have a secured database and website.

That's it guys. GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Wao. I'm really planning pa naman to buy from Lazada. I hope this would not happen to you again and to other online, Lazada buyers :(

    1. Yes sis, I do hope they do something about it. Actually they replied yesterday admitting it was a system glitch.