Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Game Over!

Hello Wednesday!

Today is pretty funny at the office, I am not really into sports and I only know a few of the athletes (the popular ones in a certain event) so my officemates are shocked when they saw what I am wearin ("ti amuk scrub suit" I got a dose of my own teasing way back lol, "afuuu miss intrams lang - best in sportswear ang peg" lol).

Boom!!! I am toooooo lazy and I just want something comfy (again): I decided to slip into something loose... 

skinny jeans from Bench Clothing (which btw is their curvy girls line designed for girls with thicker thighs). It makes them look hmmm thinner.

Gap basic black tank top, as usual my Penshoppe Essentials white sneakers, Casio White Salmon Gshock and my SF Giants baseball shirt from Nike as the cover up lol. I am really laughing while writin this coz it is my first time to wear a jersey hahaha. I FEEL ODD but it made my day!

Hahaha... I know only missing now is my SF Giants cap, maybe a Coke and hotdogs and I am all set to enjoy the game (toinks).

This happens to eccentric ones like me... I can really go sooo unpredictable along with my "turbulent" mood swings.

For the love of the game! Game what? BTW ARE the Sf Giants playing for NBA (just kiddin lol)!!! Oh dear sorry, I've gone really mad.

Lesson: when you're feelin a bit not yourself just go out, smile and be crazy! LIFE IS RISKIER WHEN YOU ARE ALWAYS SAFE YOU KNOW. Lol.

Enjoy your day mwahhhh!

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