Monday, September 7, 2015

Frenzied Mondahhh

Hello frantic Monday!

Thank God, our day passed by smoothly despite the usual hassles and bustles. Wheewww some were just so unprofessional, I think I lost my sanity! Well, that happens a lot in a corporate world (tiring).

So to vent out a bit of my hissy fit, I decided to watch something. It's a classic Tagalog movie, Ngayong Nandito Ka. Actually, I have seen this in the past (I am fan of Star Cinema works lol) but for some reasons I can't remember the plot anymore. Throwback it is lol! I think I soaked all my sheets from all the crying (sobs sobs sobs).

And before I say bye bye... gotta archive some of my pics today (another spamming lol).

That's another "me" this morning in my affordable yellow dress I bought at the nearby department store.

Work usually includes answering messages (honest to goodness)!

A confused "me". Anyare? Me problema? Hahaha i'll chop my hair na. No more second thoughts... new look and new life!!!

Pasexy si siksik... tatin d bungisngis

Pabebe, pabibi hahaha!

That's what Monday can do to someone. It drives you mad lol.

Gtg... huhuhu eyebags eyebags na from Rocky And Garrie! Mwahhh

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