Saturday, September 19, 2015

Denim Over Denim

Good morning ladies!!!

I am fairly in a great mood to start my day and I hope it will continue the whole day (good vibes).

Denim has been favored by many for the longest time because of its sexy glamour and timeless appeal. 

I for one is a fan of this textile and it is one thing I keep.

On this cheery Saturday morning, I decided to do a denim double to office. I kinda like the demure yet desirable vibe.

Blouse: Bangkok Rodeo-inspired Denim polo
Jeans: Bench Clothing Curvy Girls Denim Jeans
Accessories: Chanel-inspired double pearl earrings and Casio White Salmon Gshock
Shoes: Penshoppe Essentials white sneakers

Please excuse my feelingera moment hahaha.

Gotta work work work Tatin!

Enjoy you day! Mwahhh

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