Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Denim Love

Hello Tuesday!!!

I have this extreme taste when dressin up for the office... moments when I wanna look chic and really corporate-ready and moments when I am so under dressed for work...and today is just one of those really shabby yet comfortable days.

Lol so you see I am so "casually casual" in my boyfriend blouse denim which I got online, Penshoppe Essentials white sneakers and Cashio Doraemon Gshock.

My colleagues are even nosy if I got something underneath hahaha. I admit, this is not really appropriate and I am really messin up my groomin grade at work lol.

However, incase there's a surprise audit... I always do back ups! And this is what I am wearin underneath lol.

Got my Zalora Basics black shoes for an instant and a bit office-ready look and I am all good.

The garfield baby tee though is still an x on our grooming standard. OH WELLS, a tad of stubborness won't harm right? I can just botton up my cover up, tuck it in and I think it's apt for the office.

There goes my tale today...enjoy the rest of your day!!! Mwah...

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