Friday, September 25, 2015

Bluer than Blue


My mornings usually start with McDonald's coffee at their "Sentro/ Tyendaan" Laoag City branch which is btw one block away from the office (just coffee with 3 creamers, 2 sugars, ice and extra water).  HAHAHA OC - me.

Their crews are so uplifting that's why I love it there ( greeting you, "Good beautiful morning to you!"). Yep, indeed positive words in the morning can change your mood for the day. Even regular bfast customers greet each other.  One granny never fails to greet me, "You look lovely dear or Ohhh you're sooo beautiful!" (She's too kind.)  I JUST LOVE THE POSITIVITY which makes me feel high and worthy! You know happy words can make someone's day bright!

Hahaha I feel blessed each time... so I never fail to greet and appreciate people especially in the morning too.

It's actually holiday but I am workin over time and yes I am spamming my page with my shameless selfies again (when I'm feelin good I always take pics of myself coz I love lookin at this happy woman and not the sulky one).

And yes embracing myself and my flaws... treating it with care and lots of loving!

Wearing: blouse (Old Navy halter-bare back top), skirt (Plains&Prints royal blue long skirt), accessories (dangling fresh water pearl and Kenneth Cole oversized watch), sandals (strappy flats from Greenhills tiangge)

I think the clothes are not so flattering but I feel good and that's everything that matters.

Thank you Lord for another day!

Have a joyous weekend peeps! Mwahhh

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