Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Blue Ivy

Hello ladies!

Just wanna drop some of my office tale for the day again hehehe so please bear with it along with the usual selfie series lol.

Few hours back I got a comment about my sense of style which btw is often the remark I get from friends...

I am guilty of owning same trend of clothes of different colors. I believe that when one piece fits you or you think makes you feel good then get all or a few of the colors available that you love.

Like today I am wearin a plain blue Terranova tee and AGAIN a Never Been Kissed aztec print miniskirt in shades of blue and turquoise plus a G-shock doraemon to complete it hahaha.
(Been in the same skirt of dif color for d past 3 days)

And when asked about clothes I usually suggest  items that flatter the physique. I, myself don't purchase stuff that are just the fad at the moment if they don't fit my frame, I mean my stat is not barbie-ish so expectedly some craze will look off on me. So, I try not to experiment on fashion, I can say I'm always safe :). I am a fan of the essentials!

Since Ilocos is really humid, I always wear anything cotton and just top my casual look with a basic cover up / black cardigan and black stilettos (while inside the office premises and change in my sneakers after work lol). So when I get out,  I am not overly dressed at the streets of Ilocos (wink). You know blazers and skyhigh heels are overrated in the province :).

Btw this skirt kind of reminds me of something funny when I purchased it.

My weather forecast: tomorrow's gonna be a me-day! Yahoo!

So till here ladies! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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