Friday, September 4, 2015

Black Rosy

It's Friday and thanks God it did not rain! I love the rainy season but there are moments when I want everything dry lol and today is just that day! Just the right time to go out and maybe drink a super chilled German beer and a cold pizza (dreaming)... skip the beer, just the pizza please with lots and lots of mozzarella cheese (craving so bad)!

So before I also indulge, lemme drop first another of my random office tale please...

I'm feelin girly this morning and I decided to wear something classic and chic (I think hahaha) which I got from the local store here,  my super comfy, equally sexy yet inexpensive Zalora Basics black stiletto heels and an oversized stainless Kenneth Cole watch to complete it.

Yep, you may have noticed that I am an absolute minimalist in the "accessory department" lol... you see I believe in the saying that less is more! It's very rare that you'll see me wear lots of bangles,  huge necklaces or screaming chandelier earrings (maybe one at a time - if I'm sportin a loud bib necklace, I keep other details minimal maybe a stud earring to complement it). I really want it super laid back,  "simple" and always coordinated. :)

I am no expert in the fashion industry and my taste might be off to some fearless women but I hope my insights are helpful to ladies like me!!!

That's it for today...the night is still young so enjoy it! Mwahhhh

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