Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bad day with Lenovo S90

Hello Sunday!!!

It's uncomfortably humid today like it's summer... and I'm still slouching on my bed, playing with my phone.

Yes my phone...I'll be ranting about this brand today and how effin so dismayed I am. 

Lookin back during my youpie (young professional) years, I'd always favor the "it" mobile phone (top of the line from then leading brands - Nokia and Sony Ericsson generation). Honestly, being connected with the leading telecommucations in PI influenced me a lot when purchasing my phone. And as years passed, my taste in technology evolved with the company I work for... from GSM days to LTE - I was there and I am still here in the industry.

However, I remember coming to a point when it doesn't really matter anymore if my phone is f'in entry level for as long as I can just text and call (that was like around 2007-2009... embracing that mentality when I lost my 2 mobile phones I just bought... the newly launched walkman series from Sony Ericcson).

Then, when we entered that genre where internet is within our palms (I decided to splurge again)... the year of smart phones, androids...which Apple is already dominating, I  decided know shell out an amount which I think is too much for a phone. I think that was 2010 or 2011and gave this status symbol brand a try. Yep, that was Iphone 4s, when our company launched it. For almost 4 years I never had a major was worth the molah!

So you must be wonderin why I'm postin  lenovo pics instead. Few months back, I decided to retire my most loved Iphone and got the Lenovo S90 instead. I was in a tight budget and it looked pretty decent.

Honestly, I am a fan of sleek flashy designs which this model showed case plus I am satisfied with its back and front camera and the overall navigation speed. I was inlove! First time in long years that I was able to appreciate an android phone!

Then yesterday while we were havin an unfortunate incident at our office. This new loved phone suddenly hanged. And I decided to restart it. It frustratingly got stuck at the welcome menu and won't boot successfully. I tried all the options necessary and the basic troubleshooting I was equipped but nothing worked. At that point, I realized that it needs a hard resetting which meant losing everything.

Wow I was soooo disapointed coz I haven't backed up all my files. I only got the phone in less than 3 months and I can't believe I am in this situation. Just to give you guys an overview...coz some were askin if I have maximized the memory allocation. Nope, I don't download games... actually I have unistalled all the unnecessay apps prepacked with it, I have only like 6 mp3 songs saved, a few selfies and applications (fb, viber, instagram, gmail, blogaway to name a few), a free theme to perk it up and that's it.

And just like stopped for an unknown reason and I didn't have a choice but to hard reset it wiping everything out (i tried connecting to an officemate's laptop but it failed, i didn't try to download software that will help me coz I simply don't have the materials and stable net at home).

I was sulky the whole day ,however, after few inhales and exhales I realized that some things can't be undone and I just have to accept that everything went away with the wind. Yep, there is no point in crying over a spilled milk.  The least I could do is enjoy that my phone got revived and start collecting data again.

Yep by the end of yesteday I was already over the incapacity of this phone to operate excellently.

Lesson: it might be a cheap dupe to the leading brands, almost half of their prices but it was not worth it! LENOVO S90 SIMPLY SUCKS and they need to check the forums for same inconvenience that happened to me.

I'LL STAY TRUE TO MY SHOPPING FOR GADGET STATEMENT AND WON'T GET DERAILED AGAIN... go for brands that are worth your money coz it is all about the quality... more expensive better quality!

Till here and moving forward! Fighting!

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