Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Things you do for yourself...

Hello again!

I've said previously that I would be staying out of my site for a while but I just can't help but share some points on how to get on with the day when you're sour.

1. Dress comfortably... instead of going out with your over-sized t-shirts and nasty sweatpants, wear something loose but make sure it still makes you feel good about yourself.

Suggesting these great finds:

Shirt: Mossimo - 100% cotton for all day freshness and comfort, sheer, white in color and deep v-neckline to bring out that lady-like vibe
Leggings: H&M cotton leggings in deep red to show off a bit of your curves :)

Shoes: Penshoppe Essentials Floral Sneakers for a spring and lively vibe

Accessories: Pearl earrings for instant glamor and an oversized Kenneth Cole watch for style

2. Eat chocolates...yes forget about calories and indulge! Chocolates are one of the popular comfort food and they literally make you happy because of the natural ingredients, sugar and caffeine that boost the endorphin and serotonin levels in the brain.

I suggest you buy your favorite, the one that you crave and the one that only reminds you of good times. I opted for the Cadburry Fruits and Nuts because it is the one thing my lola always sends me in bulks when I was a reminds me of genuine love.

So you see, it is not all about the scientific side effects you get from eating one but from the sweet memories you remember while indulging.

3. Keep yourself busy... always show your best shot at work. No matter what mood you have, focus on working. Remember, you have bills to pay too and stuff you wanna buy. So, it should be the one thing you'll keep when everyone else is  turning their back on you.

You know a stable career maybe boring sometimes but it is more rewarding and self satisfying than that. It is actually the pleasure of knowing how much you've grown and how much you've accomplished through the years.

4. Look good and feel good... always go out well-groomed! Always remember this one famous line from Coco Chanel, " I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little bit - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny."

I don't mean goin out fully made up with the smokey eyes and falsies. It is enough that you showered and in clean clothes, neat hair, groomed brows, light make up to make your dull skin radiant and a vibrant lippy to add color and life to your face.

5. Listen to good music... skip that hugot playlist and play those songs that make you feel good. I completely feel awesome with Hailee Steinfield's Love Myself each time!


You see life is difficult most of the time but we need to have the courage to keep moving forward.  And the first step always start with yourself!

I hope you learned something from my experiences. 

Have a blessed day ahead!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Leaving a playlist...

"Forgiveness is unlocking the door to set someone free... realizing you were the prisoner."

forget me not...

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Faults and coffee...

Exactly a year yesterday, a post popped up on my feeds that goes like this, "I used to think that the worst thing in life was to end up all alone, it's not.  The worst thing in life is to end up with people that makes you feel alone." These were the words of the late Robin Williams who lost the courage to live and love himself.

Looking back, I can't help but be sorry  because I have lost myself and the people I really love in that process and that I keep goin back to how I got lost.

Today, I went to have a cup of coffee with my baby and just laughed my aches away...

I have been enduring pain of regrets and stress a lot that my mood is really terrible and demands lots and lots of patience and understanding.

I deserve to unwind a bit.

It is just too painful to look at pics that show how I am really coping ...and that is one of the many I am keeping lol.

I got to say again, please excuse my big legs lol. They're distractions to my muni-muni lol.

At the end of the day, I just have to continue living and be grateful to those who never let me down no matter what. I honestly have been a psycho venting out my pain and anger pushing them away.

This will pass...I know it may not be soon but it will.

Thank you Papa God for another day! I LOVE YOU more.

Goodnight peeps. Sorry for the spams... signing off again... this will be my last post...till next time...when I come back I promise it will be purely reviews and self love.

10 Bagay na Natutunan ko Mula sa Mga Umiibig

Another beautiful poem by Juan Miguel Severo.

Para sa mga Umiibig, Nasasaktan pero umiibig parin kase TANGA.

"10 bagay na natutunan ko mula sa mga umiibig"

UNA, Napakatamis ng mga simula,
Ng mga umaga na ang bumubungad sayo ay ang kanyang mukha,
Nag-aalmusal ka ng kilig,
At pagdating sa gabi ay baon mo s'ya hanggang sa paghimbing dito,
Dito mo matututunan ang tunay na kapangyarihan ng isang ngiti,
Ng ibang kamay na humahawi sa'yong mga buhok,
Ng mga mata na sumisisid sa'yong kaluluwa,

PANGALAWA,  Napaka daling maging kampante,
At masanay sa pagmamahal,
Ang malunod sa kapangyarihan ng kami,
Ng tayo,
Ng atin,
Paano naman ang kanya?
Paano naman ang ako?
Napaka daling malunod sa akalang ang iyo,
Ay mananatiling iyo,

PANGATLO,  Mapapagod ka pero,

PANG-APAT,  Ang tunay na pag-ibig ay hindi dapat sinusukuan diba? Pero,

PANGLIMA,  Ang tunay na pag-ibig ay hindi parating sapat,
Kapag ang mga pakpak na binigay nito sa'yo ay bumigat,
At naging kadena ni ayaw kang patayuin,
Kapag ang langit na dating nilipad mo
Ay naging kulungan na,
Na sa'yo naman ang susi at kandado
Pero ayaw mo pang lisanin,

PANG-ANIM,  Ang pinaka mabagsik mang apoy ay mamamatay,
Maghanda ka sa sakit,
Pero wag kang mag-aalaga ng galit.
Ito ang,

PAMPITO,   Iiwan kang puno ng sugat at pilat at paltos nito,
Iiwan ka nitong abo,

PANGWALO,  Maghanda ka sa wakas,

PANSYAM,  Alam ko parang hindi ka pa talaga handa sa wakas,
Wala naman kase yatang nagiging handa sa wakas pero,

PANSAMPU,  Andyan ang wakas
At sa wakas,
Mahalin mo pa sya,
Sa tingin,
Sa tanaw,
Mula sa abo na iniwan ng dati nyong apoy mahalin mo pa sya,
Pero kapag ang pakpak ng dati mong pag-ibig,
Ay naging gapos na,
Kapag ang langit na minsan mong nilipad ay naging kulungan na,
Mahalin mo sya,
Sa huling pagkakataon,
Bitaw na.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Bluer than Blue


My mornings usually start with McDonald's coffee at their "Sentro/ Tyendaan" Laoag City branch which is btw one block away from the office (just coffee with 3 creamers, 2 sugars, ice and extra water).  HAHAHA OC - me.

Their crews are so uplifting that's why I love it there ( greeting you, "Good beautiful morning to you!"). Yep, indeed positive words in the morning can change your mood for the day. Even regular bfast customers greet each other.  One granny never fails to greet me, "You look lovely dear or Ohhh you're sooo beautiful!" (She's too kind.)  I JUST LOVE THE POSITIVITY which makes me feel high and worthy! You know happy words can make someone's day bright!

Hahaha I feel blessed each time... so I never fail to greet and appreciate people especially in the morning too.

It's actually holiday but I am workin over time and yes I am spamming my page with my shameless selfies again (when I'm feelin good I always take pics of myself coz I love lookin at this happy woman and not the sulky one).

And yes embracing myself and my flaws... treating it with care and lots of loving!

Wearing: blouse (Old Navy halter-bare back top), skirt (Plains&Prints royal blue long skirt), accessories (dangling fresh water pearl and Kenneth Cole oversized watch), sandals (strappy flats from Greenhills tiangge)

I think the clothes are not so flattering but I feel good and that's everything that matters.

Thank you Lord for another day!

Have a joyous weekend peeps! Mwahhh

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Review: Diorskin Star Studio Makeup (020 Light Beige)

Hello ladies!

Those who make their time to visit this site and people who know me personally are aware that I am one of those who are not blessed with a clear skin. So most of my posts always include foundation and bb cream reviews.

Tonight, I will share my raves on this new baby that I have been using for a week now and so without any further segways here it is.

Product Overview

Diorskin Star by Dior (from Dior.Com)
- Studio Makeup
- Spectacular Brightening
- Weightless Perfection
- SPF 30 - PA ++

Diorskin star is the first brightening foundation formulated in a weightless fluid that instantly and long lastingly provides a seamless and photoshoot ready look recreating the illusion of the magnificent and lovely lighting of Dior Studios. This line is inspired by the illuminating techniques and expertise of its makeup artists.

Shades Available

010 - Ivory
011 - Creme
012 - Porcelain
013 - Dune
020 - Light Beige
021 - Linen
022 - Cameo
023 - Peach
030 - Medium Beige
031 - Sand
032 - Rosy Beige
033 - Amber Beige
040 - Honey Beige
050 - Dark Beige
060 - Mocha

Indeed this collection has a wide range of shades that are designed to suit ones skin tone perfectly.

Price: USD50.00
Net Weight: 30 ml / 1 fl oz
Availability: Beauty Counters and Online sites


Since this product is Dior, the make always exudes class in a deep dark blue glossy box with details nicely and precisely printed.

Again, I try to do a detailed recap of the packaging since counterfeits are very rampant in Asia these days.

That is the top part of the box with the shade.

The bottom part.

The barcode hehehe.

The brief description of the product.

The contents and expiration of the product upon opening.

The bottle is made up of high grade glass and chic sleek cover.

Take note that all logos are engraved in the lid and part of the bottle while all descriptions are prettily embossed.

It has a conventional and functional pump that dispenses the needed amount.

The best part of having it in a clear glass bottle is that you'll be able to track the product if it's running out and you want to repurchase before that. On the other hand, the downside is that you won't be able to drain every drop of it.

Yes, it has a manual in different languages too.


The foundation is in light and weightless fluid form that glides well thus blending is very effortless using your finger tips or brushes. I suggest the use of brushes during application for an even and light coverage. Fingers, tend to give a dense and thicker coverage.

As for the shade, mine is 020 in light beige. I am quite medium fair for a Pinay and this shade is just right for my pale skin with pink undertone. It does not give me the gray cast when it sets.

Yep, mostly Asians have the yellow undertone but some are exemptions to the rule and I am one of them hehehe.

Coverage and finish

As seen on my hand which I took inside my room during day time with the natural light coming from my window, the coverage is impressive giving a flawless bare effect.  I am much contented with the coverage since my skin is not so flawed but for ladies who needs more concealing, I think you can build it without givin you the thick look. What is so lovable is that your skin looks radiant but not dewy...matte but not dry. It is simply velvety. Aside from those, it hugs the skin like it is a second skin after it sets hahaha. I mean, you look make up free (just don't overdo it ).

As for the lasting effect, it does oil me up but blotting papers can address that concern. It lasts actually the whole day with the help of slight retouching to remove a bit of shine...not the kind of greasy shine though.

Lastly, this one has a fresh scent that I love, don't worry it gradually fades once the foundation sets.

My shameless selfies using the front cam of the lenovo S90 lol.

I just like my make up super light, enough to even out and hide my skin imperfections. On my pic above, I only used a Diorskin Star, kilay, red lippy, light blush and curled my hair. Sorry for my visible eye bags, been cryin a lot awwwts. I don't really wear too much eye make ups. I am so lazy hahaha. 

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:

I really love Dior and I love this one. Honestly, I have been selfie-ing a lot coz this one makes my skin looks like I filtered it plus I am skipping my sunblock since it has SPF30 with a PA of ++.

Bye bye flaws hello photo shoot ready skin!

And so that's it!!! Till next time, mwahhhh

White over white

Although the sky is lucid, I feel something dark is on its way to test me again (hayyyss). But again, that's life gotta be ready always.

And since today is my restday, I decided to wear somethin really comfy to the office to do some paperworks.

Shirt: white generic cotton v-neck shirt
Shorts: Penshoppe Denimlab
Shoes: Penshoppe Essentials
Accessories: crystal studded hoop earrings from SM Accessories and Casio Rastafarian Gshock.

Hahaha another lazy lazy day and blabbing nonsense again.

Need to go... got to do some errands.

Stay safe and be happy! Mwahhh

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

For keeps...

Good morning Wednesday!

There are so many things to be grateful for... one is the gift of love ones. Apart from family whom we have by fate, there are those people whom we have by choice.

Friendship is not about  who you've known the longest. It's about who walk into your life, said "I'm here for you" and proved it.

Life is indeed warm because she got my back when I'm crumbling down. I can't thank her enough!

This morning I feel great and blessed. I may not have all the luxuries but the right people make life worthwhile.

Yep, I am photo-spamming again hahaha.

Note to's okay to smile your heart out Tin.

Have a blessed day! Mwahhh

Monday, September 21, 2015


As she watches him, she realizes how much his priorities have caught him, and that his dreams will always take precedence in his life, faced with this painful truth, she leaves with a  new found acceptance of closure and a dawning smile on her face.

Begin Again... 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Review: Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser

Good morning ladies!

Ilocos' humid weather is always welcoming.  I find it draining sometimes but kind of loving it these moments more than the gloomy dewy days.

Today, I will share something timeless, a product that has been favored by my family...from my granny to my aunt and mom. I've seen them use this and now it's my time to share why it has always been a part of our beauty regimen (wink).

Product Overview

Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser is the classic or old-fashion way of deep cleansing your face from dirt and make ups while keeping your skin clean, soft and glowing in an all in easy routine without stripping it's natural moisture.

This is not your usual cleanser or make up remover since it is made up of 50% moisturizer, mineral oil for effective removal of make up and beeswax to keep the skin's dewiness.

This is also essentially favorable because it does not clog the pores, it is dermatologist tested, it is hypoallergenic and also suitable for sensitive skin.

Net Weight: 6.1 oz / 172 g
Price: PhP200plus
Availability: this is available in all leading groceries, beauty counters and department stores nationwide.


It comes in a sturdy plastic big tub with a wide mouth which makes scooping out the cream in large amount easy. For those who travel a lot, it is not quite handy though coz it takes too much space but you can have it refilled in those tinier containers available at beauty bars since this does not come in a smaller size.

The back part also contains all the details you need like a brief description, how-to's and most importantly the contents or ingredients.

The cream is really thick and heavy, but once you scoop out and you apply it on your face, you can feel it melt along with the make up -- makin it super easy to remove including those stubborn waterproof or smudge proof eye make ups like mascaras and eye liners.  You just wipe it out gently and lightly with your wet cotton pad and you can see all the traces of dirt come off with it. It saves the skin from constant rubbing that causes premature wrinkles and sagging.

I admit stress, bad eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, abnormal sleeping patterns, pollution, and make ups are taking their toll on my skin and this product helps maintain its elasticity by not drying it out further.

I suggest to chill it, I love the cold feeling that keeps my skin also refreshed and relaxed while I am keeping it clean.

There are two ways to use it actually, you may prefer to wipe with a wet wash cloth or cotton pads after application and rinse if desired.

Frozen Blossoms' thoughts:

The simplicity of this product is much much loved. 

For ladies who have acne prone skin, you may consult your dermatologist first prior using and for those who have oily skin, you may find this really really greasy.

This will suit ladies who have normal to dry skin and those who are often exposed to pollution and those who wear make ups everyday.

So that's it for today! Enjoy! Mwahhhh....

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Denim Over Denim

Good morning ladies!!!

I am fairly in a great mood to start my day and I hope it will continue the whole day (good vibes).

Denim has been favored by many for the longest time because of its sexy glamour and timeless appeal. 

I for one is a fan of this textile and it is one thing I keep.

On this cheery Saturday morning, I decided to do a denim double to office. I kinda like the demure yet desirable vibe.

Blouse: Bangkok Rodeo-inspired Denim polo
Jeans: Bench Clothing Curvy Girls Denim Jeans
Accessories: Chanel-inspired double pearl earrings and Casio White Salmon Gshock
Shoes: Penshoppe Essentials white sneakers

Please excuse my feelingera moment hahaha.

Gotta work work work Tatin!

Enjoy you day! Mwahhh

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Gift

As I was browsing my sns a while ago I saw this one post with a picture of God and a little girl and I can't help but get teary here I am again...

"To love someone means to pursue what is best for them, and sometimes you are not what is best for them, that is the hard lesson to learn and one that I have learned many times. In this life, we will have opportunities to love with full hearts and have our hearts loved back, but sometimes we must experience love with tears in our eyes. It is difficult to let go of someone we cherish, but if it is not good for either of you, then you must let go and love from afar."
-beautiful words of T.B. LaBerge

"Someday...maybe one day... remember me...don't forget me and forgive...

Review: Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer

Good morning ladies!

I have been lookin for an affordable primer when I bumped into one of my favorite drugstore brand, Maybelline, and found it!

Product Overview

Maybelline Skin Instant Pore Eraser Primer uses an insta-blurr technology for a one second away to vissibly smooth and poreless skin.

Dimethicone, Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Stearyl Heptanoate, Caprylyl Glycol, Silica Silylate, Propylene Glycol, Pentaerythrityl, Tetraisostearate, Prunus Cerasus Extract / Bitter Cherry Extract.

May Contain: CI 73360 / RED 30 / CI 77492 / Iron Oxides

Net weight: 22 ml
Price: PhP299.00
Availability: can be found in groceries, make up counters and online sites


This comes in a mint green upside-down-squeeze-it type tube for easy dispensing.

It has a pointed tiny spout so the product won't drip out of the tube.

Actually this primer reminds me of my Benefit Porefessional and it is a great dupe actually coz it is way way cheaper.


As seen on my picture above, the primer comes in a clear, gel-like substance that is not too runny or creamy. It is lighter than a balm though.

Coverage and Finish

There are two ways to wear this primer.  For ladies who have clear skin, this can be worn alone to give the baby skin finish. But for ladies who have flaws like dark spots, acne scars and others, this is good as your base before applying the concealer or make up.

This primer preps the skin makin it make up ready,  filling in the deep and fine lines, scars and pores to make it look efforlessly seamless (palitada lol) before topping it with your favorite foundie or bb cream. It makes the pores and lines less visible with a matte and shine free finish.

Apart from that, it extends the make up keeping it oil or shine free longer than the usual.

I actually have visible pores on the cheeks and nose area and really minimal acne marks but I must say it served its purpose well, makin my skin look less flawed and smooth.

Additionally, it feels light that as if you have nothing underneath prior your usual make up routine.

And since this is non-comedogenic, it does not clog the pores but I still suggest to clean the face thoroughly with cleansing oils or make up removers before bedtime to make sure that all the residue especially those that filled in the deeper lines and scars are removed.

- affordable
- makes skin lookin smooth and unflawed
- matte finish
- shooos shine away
- extends foundation / bb cream
- available anywhere
- non- comedogenic
- fragrance free
- feels light on skin

Frozen blossoms' thought:
I simply love it and I will repurchase. :

That's it for today!!! Mwah!!!