Monday, August 31, 2015

Yellow Belle

Hello month end!!!

We successfully ended today with some great laughters and simple foodgasm at the office. Tomorrow 's goin to be another day, a new beginning for all of us. And we hope that the next month will be good and favorable to us.

Ahahaha the bloated me in a plain yellow basic tee from Penshoppe and my Never been Kissed aztec print skirt in yellow blue and magenta to brighten the last day of August plus my vintage Tissot watch from Kuya Tante!!! Yep, today's actually a regular holiday and I still work! (Sabi nga...ang taong gipit sa holiday kumakapit hahaha).

Wehehe just folded my shirt up coz I am really dying to wear midriff with my skirt(s) hahaha (in my dreams). I hope I can make it into a reality before the fad will be off season already. I am actually workin so hard to shed off a bit but from time to time I get derailed from my plans ouch. I started the 30-day planking challenge  but after 5 days I started getting lazy huhuhu (blame it on typhoon ineng).

So that was it for today...

My weather forecast: gettin rid of old habits and gettin fit

Target: 120 lbs to 110 lbs... clearer and fairer skin, and maybe get my hair done soon!

See you buddies! (Sorry for the walang kwentang post) lol

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