Monday, August 10, 2015

Wet and blue...

Hello Manic Monday!!!

I am not so feeling well lately two days in a row now hehehe. I think my skin has been recuperating from my last inking.

Despite my present instance, I still have to work lol (Please excuse the following shameless pics of mine).

To give my tattooed skin some air, I am wearin' somethin off-shoulder with a scooped back plain blouse (talkin bout some postcare ootd lol).

And oopss btw I just hanged my hair loose for a while... if you have noticed it's still pretty damp coz it was tied up in a bun the whole day to avoid soaking my back.  I know I should have air dried it before leaving the house but I got up late lol.

Hmmmm waaaa sorry I am blabbing nonsense again, I am JUST sooo freakin out with my peeling raw back!

gotta go! Later's baby! Mwahhhh

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