Sunday, August 16, 2015

Serendipity at Tribeca

Sundays are always loved and today is no exception.

I have concluded my wanderin at a place so close to my heart eversince it opened. I don't know, I always think of serendipity when I visit this place, Tribeca.

I am not even a fan of coffee but I keep coming back and have a good laugh. I really feel so at home at this locally owned shop (it is not even extraordinary...peace!).

That is basically me with my eyes twinkling with fascination while I  "gulp" down my half-warm-half-cold-light-and-weird coffee (my request and I like it that way), yep gulp and not sip hehehe.

Hahaha I am not so shy sharin my candid pics. I love lookin at the flaws and yet there is something so enchanting with my smile hahaha...please I am not being conceited it's just that I lost it for quite a while and people are glad to see it back! :)

Photo explosion moments :)

It's muggy so I decided to just go out in a high-waist khakis, black peplum-bare-back and lacy-pink sneakers!

Ahahaha sexy back toinks!

That was my day fellas! Enjoy the remaining hours of your day!


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