Saturday, August 22, 2015

Seamless Seamfull

Hello stormy night!

Ilocos weather is indeed turbulent since yesterday. Signal has been raised to number 2 and Ineng continually inflicts the city with turmoil. Stay safe fellas.

I, on the other hand, has been stayin on bed bored due to fever and body pain. So to keep me sane, I started to browse some pics of mine (not so old... taken few days back).

I was horrified to see some hahaha. I remember I always say to wear something seamless when you want to look sleek and well-put together.

After I got my cardigan off, I saw these horrible lines!!! I am actually wearin a seamless underpants but I wore some cotton-cycling shorts over it (for protection), causing those ugly "silhouttes" hahaha that showed of my unloved muffin tops arggghh.

Ahaha I am so effin embarA$$ED by just lookin at them lol! Well, I am sharin it so I can't go sashaying again lookin terribly wrong lol.

You know we don't have to be pretty-perfect but atleast we wanna look pleasing and composed right?

Hehehe black cardigan to the rescue! Another office girl's diary you have here and I hope you can help me find some alternatives with the shorts hahaha. I CAN'T go walkin here in PI without it (if you get what I mean).

Btw, I'm planning to chop off my oh-so-long hair... what do you think?

Hmmm gotta go. Till next time mwahhh! (Missin sunny weekends by d beach)

My weather forecast: like the storm that 's hitting Ilocos, I know my own mayhem will pass. Think think tatin! You are better than this!

Tatin, the office girl :)

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