Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ruggedly darling :)

Ilocos has been experiencieng heavy downpour that flooded most areas, destroyed some infrastractures and livelihoods, busted the whole province's power supply. It has caused so much inconvenience.

I on the other hand, is using my two phones' remaining battery life to pour out my sentiments in the blogosphere lol. Incase I won't be able to charge them in the next 4-5 days restoration of the power supply, I'll take the opportunity to abstain and fade away from the digital world (i hope lol).

Today, I am kind of relaxed and feeling better after the few days of being sick. But to ease my boredom, I am posting some of my office memoirs again lol.

I know you're eyebrows are raising right now hehehe. I am not really dressed properly or competently to be even in the office. Yep, it's just me when I am feelin quite sluggish. I just slip on somethin rugged and comfy.

Actually, on these days that I am lazy are also the days when I am most troubled hehehe. Talkin about the times of over thinkin, rationalizing and tryin to figure out everything...crazy. But then at the end of my every emotional chaos I always realize that it was like that - I have to suffer the consequences of my wrong doings.

Hahaha so that's how I look when I am not smiling ha... pics don't lie lol.

Anyway, thanks to the few good people whom I turn to when I am feelin low (less than 5 I guess). Your words of wisdom never failed to enlighten me!

My weather forecast: the nights are still dark and cold but I know they will pass.

Btw I borrowed this line I love at the moment, "in this world of faults, all I need are chocolates coffee and you."

Wheeewwww that made me feel better! Stay safe buddies!

Tatin, the office girl! Xoxo

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