Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Red lips!

Hello Tuesday morning!

Today's kinda murky... the clouds look heavy and I think their gonna pour down soon...

To perk up my mood a bit I settled on my darling black dress lol.

I kinda feel sultry with grace when I'm wearin it hahaha.

The skirt has been around for quite some time - trifted lol while my scoop back blouse was purchased online. I got my basic black stiletto at the Zalora shop. Hahaha lookin presentable in a budget I guess!
(please don't mind d bumps and humps lol)

Please don't get the idea of me tryin to pull off some ootd posts (awkward), I am just archiving my daily whims ok?

Btw, someone special is celebrating his birthday soon and I am really thinking of finding comfortable shoes like loafers from Zalora. He will definitely love it!

Gotta go ladies! Need some window shopping today!!! Mwahhh!

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