Friday, August 28, 2015

One heart

Good evening!

I just finished watchin The Holiday (for the nth time) and I am about to go to bed when my musician-neighbor started to play a sweet music from the piano and I can't help but get lost on the beauty of the sound. Indeed, beautiful things are free! Yep, it inspired me to drop something and so here I am again hehehe.

My day went smoothly normal, nothin much to talk about actually yet I am still very grateful about it.

I just wanna thank God for the courage He is giving me to get through my day. I know that my battle to live is undeniably difficult but with His grace I am able to do it one step at a time.  I am so proud of myself!

Honestly, this is one of those moments when I am so helpless and I all I can do is cry.

Day like this is sometimes inevitable but so humbling...I am deeply humbled by this instance and it keeps me grounded. I continuously pray that I may let go of the hatred, guilt and pain that has been consuming me for months, not for the people who have wronged me but for my own peace of mind. It is actually tiring to linger in this kind of darkness.

You're doin well Tatin, keep it up!

My weather forecast: hang on and keep smiling girl for something great is yet to come!

I guess I need my beauty rest now... aja aja hwaiting!!!

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