Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One day at a time

Good evening ladies!

Since Ilocos has been literally out of power supply for the past few days, everyone is goin nuts! Generators and power banks are sellin like hot potatoes, free charging stations have been set up by big companies and hotels are havin their overnight promos to help the locals get through their days!

I, on the other hand need to de-stress and rest for a bit. I decided to avail one of the local hotel's promo and enjoy a day without worries!

It's actually cozy, budget friendly, super clean (parklane hotel) and comes with a complementary bfast lol. 

Hahaha selfie-ing prior dozing off! I miss the nights with actual lights lol.

I hope tomorrow, power will be restored in our area!

My weather forecast: being alone does not need to be lonely...it helps us find ourselves! I hope I will find my solitude today!

Good night ladies!

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