Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lazy lovely

Hello ladies!!!

It's goin to be another long weekend ha? Have anything planned? As for me, I haven't thought of anything worthwhile (you know random moments are always the craziest and most loved) since Ilocos weather is raging... it's been raining cats and dogs (be safe peeps).

And today is sooo arggghhhh....waiting for the clock to strike end of business hours is pretty agonizing coz I'm feelin sore and sorta sick lol.

I have used my breaks recharging hahaha. Here is a very unflattering shot of me after my power nap.

I'm soooo lazy and I have been draggin my a$$ the whole day lol.

Thankfully I survived another productive day despite my odds.

Gotta need to doze off more! Mwahhh! Laters, baby!

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