Saturday, August 8, 2015

Inks and needles

Hello ladies!

Gratefully, it is the weekend again and that means a dope time with our love ones! Yep, I always reserve the weekends for my boy who is growin up so fast! I almost can't keep up anymore lol.

But before I finally sign off to be the mommy yaya, I just wanna share this side of me that only a few know and understand. First, I am mostly known as the goody miss office girl who loves make ups, kpop, girly and pretty stuff.

However, I grew up jamming to the likes of Guns n Roses, Metallica and Nirvana (to name a few) lol. You can now picture the influence I have when it comes to my comfort or laid back dressing style, music genre and statement.

Yep, Iam a teen at an all-girls school who sneaked out for some piercing sessions except for inking, that one thing my family had not approved until I had my independence lol.

To cut the story short, I had my latest tattoo sesh with my favored artist Kulot (owner of inkextreme studio).

While he preps, I stole a selfie!

I have been bias because I am comfortable working with him and that is a plus when you are gettin somethin permanent.

This time, we did a collab and really planned this ink since it will be for my son. Honestly, the previous two were part of my impulsiveness (no regrets though we'll have to plan for a retouching and redesign in the future).

Gettin started

Some people ask me, "Why do you mutilate your fair (lol) skin?"... Duh mutilate talaga? My answers...

1. They tell my story...the real story.
2. They satisfy my eyes and my soul.
3. They remind me of good times to be cherished, tough times that made me stronger and lessons that I will never forget.
4. They look good on my fair and flawless (just kiddin)  skin lol.

Waaaaaaa masakit sobra/permi - uber painful

Yep this is my first almost 7 x 4 inches design at my back just half of my nape to my upper backbone! And it pretty hurt! Hahaha I had these two scripts on my left shoulder and right collar bone but they didn't hurt that much lol

Design and concept:

To give an overview, my son's name is Rex Maximus, Rex is the latin for king and Maximus is the latin for the greatest. And since I am also a fan of the movie Gladiator (2000), I was so enthralled by Maximus Decimus Merridius, commander of the Armies to the North and the General of the Felix Legions for his courage, faith and strength. That's why I chose a sword that is also a cross to symbolize the origin of his name.

His nickname is Remus [RE(x)+(maxi)MUS],  who happens to be the other Twin brother in the Roman mythology (the legend of the founding of Rome); son of the God of war, Mars with a princess; and raised by a she-wolf.

Hahaha I'm sure when he gets to be asked at school about the origin of his name, the classmates' ears will bleed!

My son was born in October, so we added stones, opal to the sword which depicts his birthstone.

To add a bit of life we decided to incorporate one of my favorite color, yellow. It is the color of life and intellect. It inspires, uplifts, illuminates, and hopes. It is the symbol of happiness and fun.

And to make it more feminine, we concluded (highlighted) it with the color of opal.

I know some are not favoring the design coz it is sooo masculine for me hehehe, I have a boy and that should be the case and I am happy about it period.

And so there goes the tale of my latest tat!

Till next time ladies!

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  1. Wow it's amazing! I really like the whole story behind it, that always makes tattoos better :)

    Lipstick and Mocha