Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fitness Freak


I am always fond of Thursday coz it unfailingly reminds me of good times -- it has always been my day!

I religiously attend the free zumba classes promoted by the Province of Ilocos Norte at the Mariano Marcos Stadium every Tuesdays, Thurdays and Fridays.

I started joing last January of this year and it helped me a lot emotionally, psychologically, and most of all physically.  Yep, I got to meet different peeps, made new friends and above all became fit!

Here is a group pic of all the ladies in black. The fact that any woman or man of different age get together and have fun is really mood-boosting and therapeutic!

There goes my Thursday baby! I think have to post more pics next time lol.

Nytie!!! Mwahhhh...

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