Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Essentially white

Good evening ladies and gents!

How did your day go? Ilocos is sorta wet in the aftie again...just the kind of mood for curlin up on bed just watchin or readin!

I just got up actually from my after-office-nap. I was a bit exhausted and I need to recharge hahaha!

Yep, it was a butt-draggin kind of dayyyy... sooooo lazy to move... (but still hurried for work)

And since, sluggish mornings are always-in-a-hurry moment, I decided to hit the office with another plain comfort cotton tee from the Bench Clothing, a form-fitting jogger pants from Penshoppe Denimlab and just hanged my ohhh-so-long-locks loose that badly deserves a blow out from my favored salon.

To complete my essential look I accessorized it with my eminem white g-shock and my only airmax90 rubber shoes from Nike (that deserves a shoe-fie lol).

I still have one dilema though before callin it a day, I haven't decided which comfortable shoes Iike loafers from Zalora to get for someone special's day. Can you help me out ladies? That would be great!

Till next time! Nightie!

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