Sunday, August 30, 2015


Good morning Sunday!

I am still laying down on my bed and thinkin of how my week went. It has always been days of craziness and yesterday was another one lol.

Blouse: generic London long sleeves, Jeans: RRJ boyfriend ripped jeans Accessory: Casio G-shock in crazy red

Ofcourse, I would not let my day end without snapping some "pabebe" photos lol. Wheeew, lookin at this pic my hair badly needs some salon blow out! Hair color no longer matches the roots... almost like an ugly ombre hahaha.

I really want to chop it off but I am so scared to venture into the unknown lol.
(Enough of my bad hair day whining)

Btw, the sweater made me feel like the highschool cheerleader lol (well that was a comment from a client at the office hahaha) oh no, my closet needs to age with me!

I received the most ridiculous proposal ever lol...just by thinking makes me wanna throw up (ooops sorry). Just effin crazy lol

So I guess, that was how I concluded my Saturday! Gotta go buddies!

Have a blessed Sunday!

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