Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Violet and kicks...

Hello Wednesday!!!

It's still rainy here in Ilocos and I am so lovin' every bit of it.

Well, I actually got nothin' much to say tonight except that I wanna share somethin' I'm not really used to, wearin' kicks!  I have always been the girly-next-door-type in pretty dresses and dolly shoes... So here is a glimpse of me in dri-fit and kicks lol - at the office!

Please excuse my uber extra weight... I am not so particular with my calorie intake but I do attend zumba classes regularly hahaha. It may not show but yes I am a certified addict!

Details: nike airmax90 2015 spring collection, gshock eminem series, butt hugging jeans from bench.

Purple or anythin violet is really not my thing... But I don't know I always end up gettin things that I hate!

So that's it for tonight! Gym clothes are the new fashion statement lol.

Laters baby!  ;)

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