Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just when I thought...

Just a thought from this half happy half sad heart...

I had been a fan of this chic novel few years back.

And I had been anticipating for the film to come out .

But then last night, I had the chance to see it again. Maybe valentine came a little bit late for me.

And so I thought if I can just laugh (for a while) like Anna at that gliding scene from the movie and daze, tryin to cover up how it felt when I first saw it with a friend at the movie house.

Looking back I just sat still and numb, not understanding most part of the film lol while everyone got so frenzied with excitement and I cried the whole time with pain (stupid me lol).

The past is indeed heart-rending but it allows us to see things clearly now especially when things have been said and done. You know people has to continue living...

Haiiissst talking nonsense again, laters baby!!! Mwah.

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