Tuesday, July 14, 2015

DIY: Sneakers' Color and Look Restoration

Have you ever loved something that it pains you so much to let it go?  Well, I have this red sneakers I got from Cotton On few years back. It's so worn out that color already faded and rubber parts already fell off.  Nope, it's not pricy, it's just that we've had too memories together!

The pic was taken 107 weeks ago when I first got it in Cotton On SM MOA branch! Indeed time flies that fast.

So to start... Here is my first diy restoration to bring back its glory!

Material is made of canvas therefore numerous usage and cleaning had washed out its color.

As seen on the pictures; color has faded and material has slacked off.

You need a Tulcraft Acrylic Arts & Craft Paint.  It's so easy to work with since it's water-based, pure acrylic paint, versatile and non-toxic.

This can be used on paper, canvas, cardboard, styrofoam, resins, rubber, clay, wood and other surfaces for temporary or permanent application.

Just stir it well and apply it in light strokes using a brush onto desired surface.  If you want extra vibrant effect, you may apply additional coats to get the desired color.

Avoid direct sunlight when dryin it out.  Just air dry it for 15 to 20 minutes or longer.

For a more hip and newer look, you may change the shoe lace!  I got these variants for only PhP40.00 each.

It may not look perfect but atleast it look prettier now lol. The after-effect!!! Not bad for my first ha? :)

Till here ladies!  Mwahhhh

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