Friday, July 31, 2015

Bad day and a blue sky...

Hello ladies!

Please excuse my mood but I'm sort of whiny today... Ouch!

First, I had a heated situation with someone which lasted the whole day. Yep, talkin about gettin pissed off so early in the morning after I just enjoyed a hot coffee and my favorite pancakes at Mcdonald's.

Second, the city experienced an announced power interruption but our  generator kept on backing down. So you can just imagine how extremely scorching inside (no ventillation). Wheeew it was so uncomfortable and very hazardous to the health.

The good side though, I always try to make the best out of the bad circumstance...selfie therapy baebehhh lol!!!

I think the beauty balm I used endured the office temperature. I am really pleased (I think I'm back to product reviewing soon)!

More selfies! Lol

And a wacky one lol!

Third, since I had a bad day, I wanted to treat myself and enjoy a "cozy" dinner at home.

I ended more stressed I guess... Feeling more sheepish for myself.  I really hate the feeling of being warmed-over, like a hand-me-down bag or a pre-loved car.

It was such a bad day... Just have to sleep it off again and call it a day.

Hugs and kisses for me please... :(

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